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The Nu-Lite Golfing Trolley RangeThree Way Golf is one of Europe's leading names in the design and manufacture of push and pull golfing trolleys with some 25 years experience.

The following products are available:

Kaddy Kub    steel budget trolley
Junior Kub    steel budget trolley
for 8 to 15 year olds
Kiddi Kub    steel budget trolley
for 4 to 7 year olds
Nu-lite Master    anodised aluminium trolley
Nu-lite Excel    painted aluminium trolley
Nu-lite Klassic    budget aluminium trolley
Tri-lite    three wheeled, lightweight anodised and painted aluminium trolley
Hire Cart    sturdy steel cart for use by golf professionals with the hire market

The Rotagrip handle
The Nu-Lite Master, Nu-Lite Excel, and Tri-lite, incorporate a unique ROTAGRIP ® handle which eliminates wrist strain over bumpy courses.

A front wheel section is available for retro fitting to the Nu-Lite range.

The ROTAGRIP ® Handle

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